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I Am Just A Sad Song

“I am just a sad song”

Sad Song by We The Kings

I have battled with what I call low grade depression for as long as I can remember. It has never been so bad where I couldn’t get out of bed but definitely affected my life. I had been to the doctor and on and off Zoloft for year. Therapy helped for sure but what I believe helped the most is changes to diet and lifestyle. Eating healthy, excersize, learning to think more positively were all huge helps. But know what else was? I finally cut way back on the depressing music I listened too!!

I used to love to wallow in my angst and put on that depressing music. Then I would put it on even when I wasn’t depressed and wouldn’t you know I would fall into a funk. Somewhere along my journey I finally put two and two together that the sad, depressing music really wasn’t helping my depression. Genius deduction there right!?

Whether I knew it all along and just didn’t want to change or I was really ignorant to that fact (I am going to go with a mix of both) when I finally connected the dots and cut out the depressing tunes, my mood improved!! Holy shit!!!

Now I do still fall into funks and I still catch myself listening to some sad ass shit sometimes but they don’t last nearly as long because I am aware and able to catch myself in the act. At the very least I can shut the music off or turn it to something more uplifting.

Maybe it’s not music that you’re using that you think is helping you but is actually hurting you. What ever it is try to be honest with yourself so you can then become aware of when you are doing it. It might just blow your mind like it did mine.

Submitted by Scott Schirmer

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