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What If Something’s On TV and It’s Never Shown Again…

While missing something on TV a worry of times gone by, the advances in technology have more likely increased the fear of missing out.

Social media allows people to paint an image of a fun filled life. Parties, new clothes, the perfect brunch, the uncluttered home… everyone doing their best to curate a feed that paints their life in the most positive way.

There are, of course, exceptions to every rule and it pays to seek out connections who do not shy away from posting ‘real life’. The fear of missing out can have an enormous impact on mental health and it’s very important to remind yourself that you are often not missing as much as it may appear you are.

Ensure you focus on what you do have and not what you do not – a gratitude journal is a useful tool for this. Also it pays to regularly go through your social media feeds and remove any accounts that make you feel negatively towards yourself or your situation.

If you cannot go out (perhaps due to social anxiety or your personal circumstances) you don’t need to miss out, you just have to do your best to reach out and find others to come to you or find things you can do that lift you and make sure to do them regularly.

Social media can be a great support but only if used correctly.

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